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.SX Domain Names for Sale or Rent

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The .SX is a new extension representing the country of Sint Maarten in the Caribbean. While technically it is a country code, it is also available to anyone who wants to register a domain name, without having any residency restrictions.

One of the most interesting values of this extension is that it has "memory stickiness". When one reads a domain name that finishes in .SX, one remembers it much easier and longer.

Also, because .SX is so new, there are still many great and short names available. Some of these names have been put on the reserve list, yet they are still available for you to purchase or rent.

Just have look at the sampling of available domain names scrolling by here:

  • Condos.SX
  • Vacation.SX
  • Cruises.SX

  • Hotels.SX
  • Cars.SX
  • Restaurants.SX
  • Signs.SX
  • News.SX
  • Rentals.SX
  • Club.SX

Yes, all these – and many more – domain names are still available to increase your websites effectiveness on search engines and drive more clients your business.

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The .SX extension means Sint Maarten
If your business is from Sint Maarten, it says many things about you:

  • If you sell something or provide services, it says you care for people in Sint Maarten,
  • If you are regional provider, it clearly says that you do business in Sint Maarten,
  • If you provide services, it says you are probably there with “boots on the ground” in Sint Maarten and that you can serve them better,
  • All in all, it says you specialize in Sint Maarten and that you care about Sint Maarten and your clients there.


More importantly, when potential clients search for something they need or want in Sint Maarten, the search engines automatically give higher priority to a .SX site over generic extensions.

Unless your business is global, why take a generic .com when you can make it so obvious that you are for, from or in Sint Maarten.

Remember that adding “SXM” in a .com might make people who read your domain realize that you’re there, but to the search engines, it doesn’t help them find you, because those 3 letters are just a small part of a bigger name that they don’t understand!

The .SX registry is still very new and most generic product names are still available. Grab yours while you still can!

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Domain Names are like billboards on the Internet. You can have more than one domain name bringing clients to your same website, so simply add more domain names to your existing or future website.

Don’t forget to get both singular and plural versions to assure no competitor steals your clients.


The .SX extension has memory stickiness!

Certain things we remember easier because they tug at our attention. When clients see your short website or email finishing in .SX, they remember it!

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Why have a long domain name? Short names are still available!

Get an easy to remember 3-letter domain name that represents your business that all your clients will instantly recognize and remember!


Still not sure, try renting your Domain Name.

Your business is still new and cash flow is tight? Well, you can simply rent your Domain Name with an Option to buy it later.

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There is no published price list available.

Pricing is only available upon request.

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